We ask parents to inform school of the reason for a child’s absence as soon as possible. Please contact the school office on 020 8660 7501 with full details of the child’s absence as soon as possible, and no later than 9:15am on the first day of absence. Please provide full details of your child’s absence (sick or unwell is not sufficient).

Parents must also contact the school office to notify us of an absence for medical/dental appointments.

Parents should be aware that, within the context of the law, parents are not allowed to take children out of school during term times except in the case of illness or for exceptional situations. They are no longer permitted to take children out of school during term time for holidays.

When authorising absence, the Head Teacher and Governing Body will consider the following:

  • the child’s previous attendance history (must be 95%+);
  • the age of the child;
  • the child’s stage of education;
  • the time of year (ie: SATs);
  • the nature of the trip (an exceptional experience) and
  • whether the parents are restricted in terms of leave from their employer.

Each request will be assessed on an individual basis and documentary evidence may be requested.

If leave is taken without authorisation, then the Local Authority may issue a Fixed Penalty notice of £60 to each parent for each child. Please ensure you complete a form from the office requesting leave of absence.