Reception Home Learning

Welcome back! This is your Summer home learning. Try to practice the activities. These activities develop the skills that the children have already been learning in Reception. We have given you a tick list with a range of activities that you should practise at home this term. It is up to you when and how you do these activities. We will not be asking for you hand anything in from this list.

Websites to enhance Learning:

  • Alphablocks – BBC Website
  • Numberblocks – BBC Website

You Tube songs (Reinforcing what we use in class)

  • “The Phonics Song 2”
  • Any counting songs 1-10
  • “The shape song”
  • Jack Hartmann- counting to 5,10 and 20 and Jack Hartmann- Subitise to 5 and 10


Activity Tick List

  • Play a board game with your friends and family, playing board games will help you learn to share, take turns, win, lose, count and recognise numbers.
  • Continue to learn to write your name by yourself using lower case letters and if you can already do this write words and simple sentences.
  • Log onto You Tube (parental supervision required) and look for “Read Write inc speed sounds set 1,2 and 3”
  • Practise reading and writing numbers to 5, 10 and 20.
  • Practise reading and writing high frequency words, these are words we use in many aspects of our lives and it is good for children to become very familiar with them: mum, dad, cat, dog, I, my, like, can, big, see, me, we, she, he, and, the, love, to, in, up, on, get, it, you.
  • Read to your child every day, encourage them to join in with the story and repeat parts of the story using the pictures to help them.
  • Help your child become independent and encourage them to put on their own shoes, coats and zips.
  • Do puzzles or colouring activities with your child to help them learn how to listen and sit still for a short amount of time.
  • Teach your child how to solve problems. For example, If they want a toy to play with but someone else in the family has it. “How can we solve this problem?”
  • Help your child write simple sentences INDEPEDENDENTLY. For example, A big hot sun. A cat in a hat. Etc
  • Play a sound blending game For example: “Please do up your z-i-pTake off your h-a-t”. Encourage them to work out the word you segmented so they can blend it back together again.

Downloads – Summer 1 and 2

Traditional Tales, Writing and Story Telling


This term we will be developing the children’s writing skills further and will be focussing on the children learning to write more words and sentences independently through traditional tales. The children will be able to develop their story writing skills by re-telling well known traditional tales. We shall be starting with The three little pigs, which the children have been really engaged in already. The children will continue to do daily phonics lessons. Please continue to practise them at home and support your child in using them in their writing.

Please encourage your child to write as much as possible at home, encourage them to use good pencil control, letter formation and give them challenges to write simple words and sentences. Remember, by repeating what they learn at school, at home can have a huge impact on their progress.

Please continue to use the laminated copy of the phonic sounds and words regularly at home.


We will continue to develop the children’s enjoyment in reading for pleasure as well as developing their skills to become fluent readers. We will continue to send home a new reading book and library book on a Friday. Please return the reading book and learning diary the following Wednesday as usual.

Please encourage them to read their reading book daily- practise makes perfect! It is also just as beneficial to talk and ask questions about what your child has read so they can articulate their understanding fully.

Learning Through Play

The children will continue to learn through their play. We always provide the children with meaningful activities and enhanced provision based on topics chosen by them. We shall begin this term by focussing on Traditional Tales. We will then change topics based on the children’s interests. By allowing the children to choose these topics the children have a real interest and encourages them to become enthusiastic about learning.


This term we will be looking at numbers to 10 even more closely and in a variety of ways including doubling, odd and even numbers and number bonds to 10. We will continue to develop an in depth understanding of the meaning of each number and how it can be represented. We will continue to do our daily maths fluency sessions which help the children become confident in applying mathematical skills in a variety of ways and through their play. Please continue to support your child to read, write and count with numbers as often as possible up to 20. This is an easy activity to do by counting the number of steps you take or playing board games like snakes and ladders, playing games using dice and recognising the number by subitising.

Please continue to use the laminated copy of the number formation card that the children will be using throughout this term. Please use these regularly as they will help you to support your child at home when completing their homework with them.

We will continue to use SplashLearn, learning with parents and Numbots in addition to your child’s homework.


Reception will continue to have P.E on MONDAY mornings with our sports coach Mr Kember. Please ensure your child comes to school in a NAMED P.E kit.

We may have additional PE sessions from time to time, if this is the case we will let you know beforehand.

Class Dojo

We will continue to send home the class dojo to the children who earn the most points that week. The dojo and the book will need to be returned the following MONDAY. Class dojo is also where we put day to day reminders and photos of what your children have been doing in class.

Any problems regarding class dojo or you need support signing up please ask.


The children will continue to receive a piece of homework each week which will link to what they are learning in class. All activities will be explained in a homework letter that will be sent out with the weekly homework. We will continue to set online maths and literacy homework that your child will be able to access from home. There will be assignments set and checked. Homework will be given out on FRIDAY and will be due back the following WEDNESDAY. Any problems with the online platforms please ask.

Reminders for Reception Parents

  • If your child is having packed lunch, please name their lunch box.
  • A named, full water bottle should be provided for your child everyday, especially now the weather will be turning warmer.
  • All school clothes MUST be named so we can ensure that they are safely returned to your child.
  • School finishes at 3:10 (we will dismiss the children from the Reception gate)
  • Please remember not to enter the Reception gate unless a prior appointment has been made.
  • If you have any concerns or questions regarding your child, you can arrange an appointment for a telephone conversation or you can e-mail me and I will respond as soon as possible.

Dates for the Diary

  • Monday 2nd May- School closed Bank Holiday
  • Thursday 5th May School closed to pupils for Polling Day
  • Monday 30th May—3rd June Half Term
  • Monday 6th June School closed for Inset Day
  • Thursday 30th June Infant trip to Hobbledown Farm (details to follow)
  • Friday 1st July School closed in lieu of Jubilee Bank Holiday

Other Information

As always we want the children to love coming to school and enjoy their learning. We are still working on our aspirations that we would like the children to aim to achieve this year.

  • Become confident and resilient
  • Become independent
  • Have a love of learning
  • Understand the importance of other people’s feelings
  • Try their best in all they do

Miss Tadayon and Miss Hogan