Year 1

Year 1 Home Learning

This is your Summer Term 1 personal home learning plan. Make sure you keep it safe at home.  There are 2 pieces of home learning work to be completed and handed in this half term. It is up to you how you display your work. You will share your home learning with your class on the hand in date.

You must complete at least one of the challenges as well as weekly

  • Numbots
  • SplashLearn
  • Phonic Screening Check practice

Homework 1

(Hand in week beginning 9th May 2022)

We are learning about the different beaches in the UK.

Your tasks will be:

  1. Create a picture of a beach that you have been to, annotating the different features- pier, sand/rocks, shops etc.


  1. Write a message in a bottle to explain to an alien what we do on the beach.


  1. Annotate a map showing all the popular beaches of the UK.

Homework 2

(Hand in week beginning 23rd May 2022)

We will be learning about plants.

Your tasks will be:

  1. Create an image of a plant and annotate the different features- leaf, roots, stem, petals…


  1. Create your own painting in the style of Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’.


  1. Make a poster or leaflet describing what a plant needs to survive and how they grow.

Downloads – Summer 1 and 2

Curriculum – Oh I Do Like to be Beside the Seaside!


This half-term in literacy we will be completing more extended pieces of writing with our main outcome being ‘sequencing sentences to form a short narrative’.

We will be starting by looking at The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch. We focus on vocabulary in this text as there is quite a few tricky words! We start by creating our own dictionary to define words such as ingenious, concocting and industrious. We then create, plan and write our own sequel to the story ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Dinner’.

We will then go on to read The Sea Saw and focus again on creating our own version of the story. They will also be creating a wanted poster, and learn the days of the week by writing some diary entries.

We will also continue to challenge ourselves in our reading comprehension by reading the texts completely independently. We will then use our VIPERS skills to help us answer the questions.

This term we also have the phonics screening check so we are doing a recap of all our sounds!


Reading aloud together as a class is not only a great way to read more challenging texts and explore a range of themes but is an excellent way to develop comprehension skills.

This term we will be reading a book called “The Boy Who Grew Dragons” by Andy Shephard. It is a book about a boy who found a dragon-fruit plant but out of the fruit came a real life dragon called Flicker!


In science we will be looking at plants. In this topic we discover the names of the different parts of a plant and what they do.

We also look at what plants need to grow big and strong, such as water, sunlight, and lots of nutrients.

We then build up to our favourite experiment, growing sunflowers! We plant them as a class, then we observe them for a few weeks. We watch them grow from a seed to a seedling and then, when they are big enough, we send them home for you all to enjoy!


This half term we will cover a range of topics with maths. We begin by recapping length and height, as well as weight and volume, and then we move on to our trickier concepts:

Multiplication and Division- in this topic we recap counting in 2s and 5s then move on to counting in 10s. We follow on by making different arrays, making equal parts, making doubles and finally sharing equal parts by grouping.

Fractions- looking at halves, quarters and wholes.

Position and direction- half turn, quarter turn, three-quarter turn and whole turn.


In PSHE our theme is health and wellbeing.

We begin by looking at the topic of ourselves. This incorporates topics such as why we are special, how we are unique, and then look at more private parts of our body and what to do if something serious happens.

We will then be looking at how to keep ourselves healthy, being hygienic, mental health, dental health, health eating and much more.

We then move on to our wellbeing by discussing hobbies, managing big feelings, and moving on to a new year group.


In computing we will be recapping our keyboard skills. We will learn where the letters are on the keyboard, linking our knowledge of capital letters to lower case letters.

We will then move on to using the computers to make sound, and how this works both with and without headphones.

Finally we will be focusing on emails and seeing if we can send our own emails from the computer!


Our topic this half term is British Seaside.

History- We compare British seaside from the Victorian era with the seaside we see now.  We look at things such as the Punch and Judy Show, Victorian Bathing Machines and watch some clips from Magic Grandad to show what it was like to go to the beach in the past. We also look at the specific types of people who went to the beach in Victorian times and how that has changed.

Geography – We then go on to compare different seasides around the world, both European and Non-European and compare those to the beaches we have.


Our PE lessons are every Thursday so you will need to come into school in P.E. kits on EVERY THURSDAY. They need:

  • Plain light blue t-shirt (optional Kenley logo)
  • Plain black/navy blue tracksuit bottoms (shorts for hotter weather)
  • Black/Navy blue trainers (Plimsolls are not advised, as they will be outside)

Art and Design

In art we will be focusing on painting and printing.

We begin by creating our own lighthouses, which links to our reading book, to experience using a paintbrush, and then we move on to looking at different artist that use paint as their medium, and look at the many different techniques they use.


In music, we will be moving on to the Your Imagination unit.

In this unit there is plenty of opportunity to use some musical instruments so we will be having a go at playing some simple instrument. These will include the xylophone, castanets, some hand drums and many more.

Important Information for Year 1

  • Every Monday we do Forest School on our grounds. Please can the children come to school in their own clothes (old, long sleeved and long trousers) and suitable footwear for the forest. If children have wellies, we recommend bringing them in a separate bag so they can remove them afterwards.
  • Children are allowed to bring a fresh fruit and drink snack for break time.
  • A water bottle is allowed throughout lessons. No squash please, only water.
  • Please ensure learning journals are brought in every day.