Year 3

Year 3 Home Learning

This is your Summer Term 1 and 2 personal home learning plan. Please make sure you keep it safe at home.

As this plan covers both parts of the Summer Term, we would like you to choose 2 tasks from each box to complete by the dates provided below.

It is up to you how you display your work. We will share your home learning with the class to inspire others and celebrate your work! 😊

As well as completing your challenges below, please log into TT Rockstars / NumBots weekly to practise your maths skills. There will be a session to complete on TT Rockstars each week – this is great practice for the children!

This term, some weeks, there will also either be a task on Learning with Parents or a task on SplashLearn. You will receive a notification via Class Dojo or email to let you know which task needs to be completed.

Logins are in Reading Diaries. Please ask if you are unsure about anything.

Week 2 – 5

(Hand in by Friday 13th May and Friday 27th May)

We will be learning about Plants in Science this term.

Look at the list below and choose two tasks to complete:

  • Create a mosaic picture using only natural objects e.g. seeds, leaves, flowers etc.
  • Create a poster showing the different parts of a flower and explain how it is fertilised by the bees.
  • Find out about and explain the process of seed dispersal – how are the seeds transported away from the plants?
  • Can you grow some seeds of your own and keep a diary of what you see happening? (this may take some time)
  • Describe the life cycle of a plant and the different stages that they go through.
  • Research the uses of plants and describe how they are used in everyday life, e.g. food or medicines
  • Provide two examples of how plants adapt and survive in different habitats, e.g. a desert, cold climates.
  • Carefully draw 3 plants – focus carefully on the actual shape, colour and features.

Week 7 – 9

(Hand in by 17th June and 30th June)

In History, we will be learning about The Romans. Choose two tasks from below to complete:

  • Romans enjoyed their banquets. Design a plate of food fit for a Roman. You could use different materials to show the different foods.
  • Choose a Roman God or Goddess and create a fact file about them. Remember to include information about what they are God / Goddess of, powers that they had and their appearance.
  • Write a news report about the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. You will need to include information about when and where it happened as well as damage that it caused. You may also want to include an eyewitness report.
  • Design and draw your own Roman mosaic using collage materials.
  • Draw a Roman soldier in his armour and uniform. Label the different parts and find out some facts about the uniform.
  • Write about the day of a Roman gladiator or a Roman soldier. Think about their routine, their diet, activities they took part in etc.

Week 10 – 11

(Hand in by Friday 8th July and Friday 15th July)

Choose two tasks from below to complete:

  • Can you create your own Ukulele tune / song? You will need to write it down and then show and play it to the class.
  • Present your top tips for how to have a healthy body and mind (PSHE)
  • Think about your year in Class 3 – what have you enjoyed? What have you improved on?  What are you looking forward to in Class 4?
  • What could be your targets for next year? How do you think you will achieve these? Present these in a creative way.
  • Think about your most enjoyable topic over the year, this could be in any subject. Can you present what you can remember about this topic in a creative way?
  • Can you produce your own forest school object – something you have made from nature?

Downloads – Summer 1 and 2

Curriculum – The Romans


This term we will be continuing to use stimulating books as a vehicle for writing in a variety of genres, including poetry, fiction and non-fiction.

The texts we will use include: Flotsam by David Wiesner, How to Live Forever by Colin Thompson, The Tear Thief by Carol Ann Duffy, The Pied Piper of Hamelin and Jim a Cautionary Tale.

As part of our punctuation focus, we will be ensuring that we are consistently using full stops and capital letters in our sentences, question marks and exclamation marks, commas after fronted adverbials, commas to separate items in a list, inverted commas and apostrophes for possession.

Our grammar will focus on using paragraphs, adverbial phrases and identifying whether to use ‘an’ or ‘a’ in front of a noun.

Our spelling work will focus on word families based on common words, words ending in a range of suffixes and silent letter revision.

We will continue to use descriptive vocabulary in our writing, making careful choices about the verbs and adverbs we include as well exploring figurative language.


Reading aloud together as a class is a great way to explore challenging texts as well as to develop comprehension skills. This term, we will continue with “Kensuke’s Kingdom” by the fantastic author Michael Morpurgo as our read along. The children are really enjoying this text. If you would like to purchase a copy of Kensuke’s Kingdom for your child to read along with in class, please feel free to.

We share extracts from a variety of texts in our reading lessons. In every lesson, we will be practising our VIPERS skills: vocabulary, inference, prediction, explanation, retrieval and summary, with a focus on using evidence from the text to support our ideas.


In Science we will be moving onto our new unit Plants.

We will be describing how plants soak up water, describing the life cycle of a plant, explaining how plants make their own food, naming the parts of the flower and describing what they do, describing the process of pollination, the different ways that plants spread their seeds and the process of germination in seeds and bulbs as well as explaining how water and food move around plants.


In Maths this term, we will be moving onto our new unit – Fractions. We will recap finding halves and quarters; we will be identifying unit and non-unit fractions; counting in tenths; identifying fractions on a number line; finding fractions of a set of objects; identifying equivalent fractions as well as comparing, ordering, adding and subtracting fractions. We will be also be learning about Length and Perimeter. In this unit, we will be measuring length; finding equivalent lengths; comparing, adding and subtracting lengths as well as measuring and calculating perimeter. We will then be learning about Time. In this unit, we will be learning to tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes and then the nearest minute; exploring the 24-hour clock; finding and comparing durations and solving problems involving time. In our unit on Shape, we will explore angles and turns as well as recognise and describe 2-D and 3-D shapes. In our unit on Mass and Capacity, we will measure, compare, add and subtract the mass and capacity of different items.

Every day, we are practising fluency through times tables practice and revisiting prior learning. It would be great if you could support us by helping your child with their fluency skills at home and practise learning to tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes and then to the nearest minute.


This half term, we will be moving onto our new theme – Health and Wellbeing. We will be learning about:

  • Physical health and Mental wellbeing – Health choices and habits; what affects feelings; expressing feelings
  • Growing and changing – Personal strengths and achievements; managing and reframing setbacks
  • Keeping safe – Risks and hazards; safety in the local environment and unfamiliar places


In ICT we will be learning about Algorithms and Programs. We will be experimenting with variables to control models, giving an onscreen robot directional instructions, using 90 degree and 45 degree turns as well as drawing a square, rectangle and other regular shapes on screen using commands.


In History this term, we will be learning about The Romans. We will be looking at those who have invaded Britain over the years, how invaders fought, why events in history happened as they did and why certain people acted the way that they did in history. We will also be learning to use Maps in Geography, looking at the points of a compass as well as using grid references and OS symbols.

In RE we will be exploring Judaism and learning to identify what Jewish people believe about God. We will also be learning about the importance of Jesus to Christians and general worship.

In French, Madame Tavares will continue to teach the children.


In PE, our unit will be Athletics. We will be learning to:

  • Develop awareness of time, reactions, and speed.
  • Use the correct technique for long distance running.
  • Explore stride pattern/length when approaching obstacles.
  • Develop fluency and coordination whilst taking off and landing.
  • Execute the correct technique for the triple jump.
  • Develop the ability to throw for both distance and accuracy.


This term we will continue to be taught by Croydon Music Agency. The children will continue to learn to play the ukulele. If your child purchases a ukulele from school, please remember to send it in on a Wednesday.

Art and Design (or Design Technology)

In Art and DT this term, we will be using cameras to take digital images and using IT programs to create artwork. We will be looking at stitches and sewing in Textiles and learn about nutrition and choosing the right ingredients when making food products.

Important Information for Year 3

  • PE is every Thursday. Please send children into school in their PE kits on this day each week.
  • This term, we will complete nature activities with a focus on art on Friday afternoon and the children need to come into school dressed in their forest clothes.
  • Please take time to have a read of our learning diaries which contain some great information that the children can learn. These should be filled in when the children read at home and please use them to contact us if you need to.
  • We will update Class Dojo regularly with important information including homework, dates to remember and photos of the children’s learning so please keep an eye out for this.

If you have any questions / concerns or need to contact us, our email addresses are as follows:

Mrs Smith:
Mr Dench: