Year 4

Year 4 Home Learning

Topic Based Homework

2 pieces to be handed in on both the 6th and 20th May

As deadlines are fortnightly, your work should be detailed and well-presented. The tasks can be completed in any way that interests you. This half-term our topic is based around the Anglo-Saxons.

  • Create your own timeline involving the Anglo-Saxons. This doesn’t just have to be on paper…be creative e.g. using string or making a giant example in your garden!
  • Become an Anglo-Saxon estate agent! Identify what are the common features of Anglo-Saxon houses then create your own ‘house advert’. You could even include a floor plan of what is inside an Anglo-Saxon house. Furthermore, create your own ‘mini’ Anglo Saxon house.
  • Can you identify different roles and responsibilities of Anglo-Saxon people? Can you identify what skills are needed? Would you want to live during the Anglo-Saxon times?
  • What tools/items did the Anglo-Saxons make? Could you perhaps make your own example? This could be anyway you like e.g. with card, clay or any other way you think.
  • Create your own piece of Anglo-Saxon artwork.


Reading and Spelling Skills

Please read at least 4 times a week, but ideally every day. This might include a mixture of independent reading or reading aloud to someone else. Please make sure your adult signs your Learning Diary each time you read. Please also bring in your reading books everyday as there will be opportunities to read throughout the week too.

Maths Fluency Skills

It is essential that you continue to develop and maintain your multiplication/division fact knowledge by completing at least 5 minutes of TT Rockstars per day. This term, the children will have their multiplication tests, where they need to know up to their 12x tables. Practising via Soundcheck on TT Rockstars is recommended to help this as it is very similar to the test.

In addition, activities will be set on Splashlearn regularly related to the topics we are learning about in class.

Written Maths and English Homework

(Hand in by Friday 8th July and Friday 15th July)

Every week, you will receive a piece of Maths or English homework via Learning with Parents. Work will be set every Friday so you will have a week to complete.

Downloads – Summer 1

Curriculum – Anglo-Saxons


To begin with, we will be looking at “The Day I Swapped my Dad for Two Goldfish”, by Neil Gaiman. This book gives the children a lot of opportunities to develop their creative writing skills and produce their own narratives.

In addition, we will also be reading a variety of Anglo-Saxon based texts including “You wouldn’t want to be an Anglo-Saxon peasant!”, by Jacqueline Morley.

This term, we will be encouraging children to become even more independent with their writing, where children will need to develop their planning and editing skills. Children will also be continuing to improve their spelling, grammar and punctuation.


This half term, we will be reading “Beowulf”, by Michael Morpurgo, which is again linked to our Anglo-Saxon topic. Please feel free to get a copy of this if you can and children can bring these into school everyday.

As always, it is important to read regularly at home. When you have done this, please write it in your child’s learning diary.


In Science this term, we are looking at the topic ‘the human body’, which includes looking at the digestive system in more detail. We will be identifying the different parts of the digestive system and identify each of their functions. Equally, we will also be identifying different types of teeth and their functions too.


Within Maths this term, we will be continuing to look at decimals as well as applying our arithmetic into other areas such as time, geometry and statistics.

It is important to practice times-tables regularly at home, is recommended for at least 5 minutes per day. I will be setting sessions weekly on TTrockstars in Garage or Arena mode, you are tested on a certain number of facts, tailored to your gig performance, until completed at speed. I can provide login details if necessary.


This term in PSHE, year 4 will be learning how to maintain a balanced lifestyle. This includes identifying what is good for your physical health and mental wellbeing as well as identifying how we can keep our teeth healthy too.


In ICT this term we are looking creating animations related to our Anglo-Saxon topic, which involves understanding how to use code and sequence.

We will also be using part of our computing lessons to improve our times tables skills.


This term, we will be looking at the Anglo-Saxons. For this topic, we will be creating a timeline including the Anglo-Saxons and surrounding eras. We will then be identifying some key features related to the Anglo-Saxons such as their origins, housing structure. We will be identifying what primary and secondary resources we can use to develop our knowledge of the Anglo-Saxons. We will also be comparing how the Anglo-Saxons differ from today’s society and other eras.


PE is on Tuesdays. Children are required to come to school in their PE kit, which they will wear for the whole day. Please ensure children wear correct PE kit or they will not be able to participate. Remember swimming is also on Thursdays, where children must make sure they bring the correct kit.


This term, we are going to be producing our own Anglo Saxon musical instruments as well as learning an Anglo-Saxon song. In addition, Year 4 will be doing Soundstart on Wednesday afternoons.

Art and Design (or Design Technology)

Within Art, we will be doing of activities linked to our Anglo-Saxon topic. This includes creating our own Anglo-Saxon buildings and interior features. We will also be identifying natural Anglo-Saxon themed dyes to produce examples of Anglo-Saxon clothing.

Important Information for Year 4

Hello Year 4 and I hope you had a good break. If you do need to contact me you can either leave a message at the office or you can e-mail me: . You can also contact me via Class Dojo, where you can also share your child’s home learning work too.

Also remember children will have topics set regularly on as well as being recommended to go onto other websites including and